Male Steel Chastity Belt With Anal Plug (200 coupon applied for a limited time)

$449.00 $249.00


Product Description

The ultimate in male chastity.  Lock your sub up with his anal plug in, and let him out when he is obedient to comply with your wishes.  Stainless Steel for the durability.  This will provide hours of frustration for your sub, and pleasure for the domme.  Perfect for house cleaning, or short outings, humiliation displaying.  Fits discreetly under pants, jeans, or sissy outfits.

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Waste 64 -70 cm, Waste 70 -76 cm, Waste 76 -82 cm, Waste 82 -88 cm, Waste 88 -96 cm, Waste 96 -102 cm


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