Product Description

CB-298515_468921All males should be locked up.   A locked male is an obedient male.  That is why we have created this male chastity training kit.  In this kit, you will receive the CB-6000 3 and 1/4 inch male chastity device, and all of our male chastity files on the site.  The male chastity files will increase the desire to be in chastity and train you how to behave while you are in it.  A 159.99 Value.  Free shipping of the cb-6000 is included in this purchase.  Hypnosis files are available for immediate download.

The hypnosis files included in this pack are:

  1.  Eliminate Male Ego Training Combo Pack For Couples a 49.95 Value
  2.  No More Masturbation – For Men a 19.95 Value
  3.   Chaste Ass Licking Training Combo Pack For Men a 34.95 Value

Purchase these items separately and pay 290.00 including shipping.   Order in this special Chastity Pack to save over 30%

(please allow 1-2 business days to deliver digital downloads and 3-4 weeks for shipping anywhere in North America on the CB 6000)