Holy Trainer Male Chastity Device

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The Holy Trainer is the best selling silicone male chastity device for a few reasons.  Unlike most chastity devices, when a night time erection occurs, the rings push against the scrotum causing pain.  The unique design of the holy trainer not only discourages erections, but when they happen, it does not duplicate this effect making night time easy for you to forget you are even wearing it.

Product Description

How To Put The Holy Trainer Chastity Device On

The Holy Trainer has the particularity of having a tube that is attached to the ring. Placing the penis and the scrotum in the ring is very easy. The tube is then placed in the ring, guaranteeing a firm attachment and totally enclosing the member from the bottom of the abdomen to the end of the penis. Since the tube is placed in the middle of the ring, no pinching of the skin can occur.

You know what happens with most chastity models. A nighttime erection pulls on the scrotum and causes pain in its base. With the HolyTrainer and the ergonomic design of its ring, we guarantee you an excellent comfort without pain. In general, after 24 hours of use, you will have forgotten that you’re wearing a chastity device. The shape of the tube is also designed to discourage erections. Aimed downward, the orientation of the device does not favor stimulation. The chastity device remains very discrete beneath your undergarments, even under close-fitting pants.

How To Clean

The design and materials used makes it easy to clean. To wash it, you may simply use soap under the shower or put the chastity device in the washing machine. It is very strong and will withstand exposure to alcohol or any other solvent. The air holes allow a very good venting. The skin breathes well and the opening located at the end of the urethra makes it possible to urinate comfortably.

Sustained Use

May be used by beginners or experienced users. Since its tube allows the skin to breath, HolyTrainer can be used over a long period of time. The materials used are 100 % hypoallergenic and will be completely tolerated by the skin, even during a long period of use.


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