Product Description

The Ultimate Anal Training Kit for Femdom Couples

The ultimate package for female led relationship couples.  In this package, not only will you receive the toys for perfect anal training, but you will also receive the mindset to want to be anally trained.  We have put together the right blend of toys and hypnosis, so that any willing or non willing male can be conditioned to learn to accept there role as a bottom boy to their dominant partners.

This package includes:

To Condition Your Sub’s Mind To Accept Anal

Anal Slut Training – Combo Pack.

In this file, you will learn how to be a proper anal slut.  You will learn how being an anal slut will increase your service to women in general, and more specifically your partner.  There are embedded commands for chastity, increased levels of service to women, and why being an anal slut is important for your relationship.

This includes:

  • Anal Slut Training with Induction & Music for deep trance training
  • Anal Slut Training Day trainer for day use.

File Length:  32 Minutes 8 Seconds  Anal Slut Training with Induction

File Length:  19 Minutes 2 Seconds Anal Slut Training Day Trainer

Retail Price 29.95

For Anal Training With Your Sub While Out On The Town

Anal Fantasy Remote Control Buttplug

Product Description

A classically shaped plug with a s smooth as silk surface, wide, ultra safe base and a fantastically well appointed motor with twenty distinct modes and intensity levels to experiment with, the Remote Control Silicone Plug  from Pipedream’s Anal Fantasy line was thoughtfully designed for toe-curlingly precise anal ecstasy.

Shaped for easy insertion, a perfectly tapered head gently and inexorably widens the anal opening- like any good plug, it gradually widens past the tip, providing lots of thick curviness to satisfy and stimulate the nerve-ending rich anal area. This plug features a longer than average neck, leaving ample room for positioning and manual manipulation- a wide base reaches out from both ends to protect against too-deep penetration. Adding the vibration potential to the Silicone Plug is a amazingly well equipped 20 function motor that truly offers a pulse, buzz and rhythm to suit every taste. The shockingly powerful vibration modes are transferred remarkably evenly throughout the Plug, controlled easily with a sleek, curvy little remote with two simple buttons and a 25 feet of range. Allowing for all kinds of specialized sexy scenarios, not to mention a tangle-free playtime, the wireless feature is something any toy aficionado will appreciate.

Always looking to enhance  the experience, Pipedream has included a package of anal play add-ons, including two protective ribbed  finger sleeves, samples of Moist water based lube and Anal Eaze cream, and a small bottle of Refresh toy cleaner.

In terms of material, this plug is made from an ultra silky matte Elite silicone that’s incomparably safe and hygienic, and since it’s nonporous, odor and taste free and fully hypoallergenic, the Plug is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Silicone is well renown for it’s temperature sensitive properties, it warms quickly to match body temperature, and can be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to use, if desired. As with any silicone toy, use a great quality water based lube- avoid silicone formulas and store away from other soft toy materials whenever possible. Vibe requires 3 LR44 cell batteries, which are included, and the remote requires 2 AAA batteries, which are sold separately. Waterproof.


  • Length: 4″
  • Insertable Length: 3.5″
  • Girth: 5″ at largest point
  • Width: 1.5″ at largest point
  • Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Battery: 3 x LR44 Batteries / 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Special Features: Waterproof, Multi-Speed, Multi-Function, Temperature Sensitive, Hypoallergenic, Remote Control, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface
  • Color: Black

Retail Price 99.00 Separately.

For Anal Training Your Sub In The Bedroom

Vibrating Remote Hollow Strap-On Vibe in Black

Product Description

Excitingly lifelike, naturally angled and completely unisex, the intensely user friendly Vibrating Hollow Strap-On was clearly designed for tons of versatility and immeasurable pleasure that’s limited only by your imagination.
The ultra satisfying shape of the penetrative portion is sure to please, it’s deliciously firm where it counts, the tip and top half of the shaft are excitingly unyielding, perfect for rough play and ultra precise stimulation. A thick, subtly textured shaft starts off nice and thick, with a subtly upturned tip for precision g-spot or prostate stimulation- there’s lots of room for deep penetration too. A powerful motor directs multiple speeds of vibration right to you, a slim remote fits easily and discreetly in hand, or can be clipped to your harness via a removable plastic clip sleeve.

Certainly sturdy enough for female use, with its soft, body hugging base that rests against the pubic bone, the Hollow is also great for the opposite sex, a penis can fit comfortably inside the open portion of the base. No matter how you choose to enjoy, you’ll adore how easy it is to get in and out of the Strap-On, just step into the stretchy waist and thigh straps and position the dildo to suit. Clean up is easy and worry free, wipe your Strap-On down with a good toy cleaner or warm soapy water.  Fits most. Not recommended for use in water. Vibe requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately).


  • Length: 6.5″
  • Insertable Length: 5.75″
  • Girth: 5.5″ at largest point
  • Width: 1.6″ at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Battery: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Remote Control, Phthalate Free, Textured Surface
  • Color: Black

Regular Retail Price 59.99

Extreme Silicone Butt Plug To Open Him UP

Product Description

Formed into a classic, anal-stretching taper out of the silkiest pure Silicone, the Big Boy XL is a fantastic plug with impressively advanced proportions. Perfect for anal players with some experience under their belt (so to speak), the Big Boy provides all the satisfying fullness one could possibly crave.

Softly pointed at the tip, the Big Boy inserts smoothy, expanding gradually yet very noticeably into an extra wide midpoint. Tapering in dramatically after the largest point, this plug features a nice slim neck and and base girth that easily prevents too-deep penetration, while holding the body of the plug in place through all kinds of sexy scenarios.

The Pure Silicone material making up the Big Boy is completely perfect in every way, not the least being the dramatic temperature sensitivity. This plug will warm quickly to match body heat with use, and can be heated or cooled prior to use, if desired. The hygiene factor is second to none- the plug can be boiled, bleached or run through the dishwasher for complete sterilization. Ideal for pleasure seekers with more sensitive skin, silicone is wonderfully hypoallergenic and non-porous, with no odor or taste. It’s also extraordinarily hardy, standing up to the roughest, toughest play, and with the most minimal amount of maintenance, will last a very long time. Always choose a good water based lubricant in combination with this plug, silicone lube formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone products and other soft toy materials.


  • Length: 5.25″
  • Insertable Length: 4.5″
  • Girth: 9.25″ at largest point
  • Width: 2.75″ at largest point
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive
  • Color: Black

Retail Price 59.99