Product Description

7 Sissy Panties – One for each day of the week.

All sissies need panties.  In fact you need at least 1 pair of sissy panties for each day of the week.  Since you are a sissy, we will pick your panties for you.  Sissies do not pick, we pick for you.  It will be based on sizes and styles available at the time of your order.  If we cannot fulfill your size, we will promptly refund your panties.  We will be sure to make you the sexiest sissy you can be based on your size and the availability of your size.

The images below are samples of some of the styles we have available, but there are hundreds of styles and sizes available.  The only thing you need to know for sure is that they will be very feminine, soft, and sissy like, and they will fit based on the sizes shown available. Be sure to choose your size.  We will pick 7 panties for you based on your size, and ship them anywhere in North America for 15.00 dollars shipping and handling.  Our selection of panties are from our supplier of 100’s off different styles including high hip, thong, lace, boy shorts, and much much more.  You will receive 7 panties.